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2017 RI Open rescheduled for later in the winter (likely at Moses Brown facility)

League play schedule below -- links to teams provided.

RISquash News

League play 2017-18 has begun: links to teams, schedules, standings below.

Individual tournament sign-ups coming soon.

RI Squash

2017 - 2018 League Schedules:

A League   B League   C League   D League
Date Away Home   Date Away Home   Date Away Home   Date Away Home
Dec. 11 BRB AG   Dec. 12 RB AG   Dec. 13 CCB BRR   Dec. 14 NPR AG
Dec. 11 CC BRR   Dec. 12 NPT CC   Dec. 13 FR CCR   Dec. 14 BR NPB
Dec. 11 UC NPT   Dec. 12 BRR FR   Dec. 13 BRB UC   Dec. 14 FR UC
        Dec. 12 BRB UC           Dec. 14 CC bye
Dec. 18 BRR AG   Dec. 19 UC AG   Dec. 20 BRB BRR   Dec. 21 NPB CC
Dec. 18 NPT BRB   Dec. 19 NPT BRR   Dec. 20 CCR CCB   Dec. 21 FR NPR
Dec. 18 CC UC   Dec. 19 CC FR   Dec. 20 FR UC   Dec. 21 AG UC
        Dec. 19 BRB RB           Dec. 21 BR bye
A League Standings   B League Standings   C League Standings   D League Standings
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