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2017 Team Finals – Friday, April 7
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A league (4 matches)





Matches played in order from lowest to highest

Pizza delivered at 6:15 & 6:45


RISquash News

Congratulations to 2016-17 winning teams:

A league: Brown

B league: Agawam

C league: Country Club Blue

D league: Brown Red

And most improved player: Andres Gutierrez

RI Squash

2016 - 2017 League Schedules:

A League B League C League D League
Date Home Away Date Home Away Date Home Away Date Home Away
10-Nov AG Brown 7-Nov BB UC 8-Nov BR CCB 26-Oct AGG BR
17-Nov AG RICC 7-Nov FR AG 8-Nov FR AG 26-Oct BB AT
1-Dec Brown RICC 7-Nov NP BR 8-Nov CCR CCG 26-Oct FR AGR
8-Dec Brown AG 7-Nov RB RICC 8-Nov UC BB 26-Oct RICC NP
15-Dec RICC AG 14-Nov BR AG 15-Nov AG BR 26-Oct UC Bye
5-Jan RICC Brown 14-Nov NP BB 15-Nov BB CCB 2-Nov AGG FR
12-Jan AG Brown 14-Nov RICC UC 15-Nov CCG UC 2-Nov AT AGR
19-Jan AG RICC 14-Nov RB FR 15-Nov CCR FR 2-Nov BB Bye
26-Jan Brown RICC 28-Nov AG UC 29-Nov AG UC 2-Nov BR NP
2-Feb Brown AG 28-Nov BR BB 29-Nov BR BB 2-Nov UC RICC
9-Feb RICC AG 28-Nov NP RB 29-Nov CCB CCR 9-Nov AGR BR
16-Feb RICC Brown 28-Nov RICC FR 29-Nov CCG FR 9-Nov AT AGG
2-Mar AG Brown 5-Dec AG RICC 6-Dec AG CCG 9-Nov BB UC
9-Mar AG RICC 5-Dec BB FR 6-Dec BB FR 9-Nov NP Bye
16-Mar Brown RICC 5-Dec RB BR 6-Dec CCR BR 9-Nov RICC FR
30-Mar Playoff 5-Dec UC NP 6-Dec UC CCB 16-Nov AGR AGG
7-Apr Finals 12-Dec BB AG 13-Dec BB AG 16-Nov BR BB
12-Dec FR BR 13-Dec FR BR 16-Nov FR Bye
12-Dec RICC NP 13-Dec CCG CCB 16-Nov NP UC
12-Dec UC RB 13-Dec UC CCR 16-Nov RICC AT
2-Jan AG RB 3-Jan AG CCR 30-Nov AGG BB
2-Jan BB RICC 3-Jan BB CCG 30-Nov AGR Bye
2-Jan NP FR 3-Jan CCB FR 30-Nov BR RICC
2-Jan UC BR 3-Jan UC BR 30-Nov FR UC
9-Jan BR RICC 10-Jan BR CCG 30-Nov NP AT
9-Jan NP AG 10-Jan CCB AG 7-Dec AGG NP
9-Jan RB BB 10-Jan CCR BB 7-Dec BR AT
9-Jan UC FR 10-Jan UC FR 7-Dec FR BB
23-Jan UC BB 17-Jan CCB BR 7-Dec RICC Bye
23-Jan AG FR 17-Jan AG FR 7-Dec UC AGR
23-Jan BR NP 17-Jan CCG CCR 14-Dec AGR NP
23-Jan RICC RB 17-Jan BB UC 14-Dec AT FR
30-Jan AG BR 24-Jan BR AG 14-Dec BB RICC
30-Jan BB NP 24-Jan CCB BB 14-Dec BR Bye
30-Jan UC RICC 24-Jan UC CCG 14-Dec UC AGG
30-Jan FR RB 24-Jan FR CCR 4-Jan AGR BB
6-Feb UC AG 31-Jan UC AG 4-Jan AT Bye
6-Feb BB BR 31-Jan BB BR 4-Jan BR UC
6-Feb RB NP 31-Jan CCR CCB 4-Jan NP FR
6-Feb FR RICC 31-Jan FR CCG 4-Jan RICC AGG
13-Feb RICC AG 7-Feb CCG AG 11-Jan AGG Bye
13-Feb FR BB 7-Feb FR BB 11-Jan AGR RICC
13-Feb BR RB 7-Feb BR CCR 11-Jan BB NP
13-Feb NP UC 7-Feb CCB UC 11-Jan FR BR
27-Feb AG BB 14-Feb AG BB 11-Jan UC AT
27-Feb BR FR 14-Feb BR FR 18-Jan BR AGG
27-Feb NP RICC 14-Feb CCB CCG 18-Jan AT BB
27-Feb RB UC 14-Feb CCR UC 18-Jan AGR FR
6-Mar RB AG 28-Feb CCR AG 18-Jan NP RICC
6-Mar RICC BB 28-Feb CCG BB 18-Jan Bye UC
6-Mar FR NP 28-Feb FR CCB 25-Jan FR AGG
6-Mar BR UC 28-Feb BR UC 25-Jan AGR AT
13-Mar RICC BR 7-Mar CCG BR 25-Jan Bye BB
13-Mar AG NP 7-Mar AG CCB 25-Jan NP BR
13-Mar BB RB 7-Mar BB CCR 25-Jan RICC UC
13-Mar FR UC 7-Mar FR UC 1-Feb BR AGR
20-Mar Playoff 21-Mar Playoff 1-Feb AGG AT
27-Mar Playoff 28-Mar Playoff 1-Feb UC BB
7-Apr Final 7-Apr Final 1-Feb Bye NP
8-Feb BB BR
8-Feb Bye FR
8-Feb UC NP
15-Feb BB AGG
15-Feb Bye AGR
15-Feb RICC BR
15-Feb UC FR
15-Feb AT NP
22-Feb NP AGG
22-Feb AT BR
22-Feb BB FR
22-Feb Bye RICC
22-Feb AGR UC
1-Mar NP AGR
1-Mar FR AT
1-Mar Bye BR
1-Mar AGG UC
8-Mar BB AGR
8-Mar Bye AT
8-Mar UC BR
8-Mar FR NP
15-Mar Bye AGG
15-Mar NP BB
15-Mar BR FR
15-Mar AT UC
22-Mar Playoff
29-Mar Playoff
7-Apr Final
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