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Due to the coronavirus situation, the RI Squash Leagues 2019-20 season has ended.

Playoffs have been cancelled, as has the finals night on April 17.

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Due to the coronavirus situation, the 2019-20 RI Squash tournaments have been cancelled, as have the March 27 finals.


RI Squash

2019 - 2020 League Schedules:

A League   B League   C League   D League   Women's League
Date Nicol Club   Date Away Home   Date Away Home   Date Away Home   Date Nicol Club
Mar. 9 WrathK Lobsters   Mar. 10 NSC AG   Mar. 11 CC FR   Mar. 12 FR  NPT1    Mar. 12  Ocean  DropHot
Mar. 9 Juventus Rebels   Mar. 10 CC FR   Mar. 11 UC NSC1   Mar. 12 AG  NPT2   Mar. 12 Order  Samura
Mar. 9 Sultans bye   Mar. 10 UC NPT   Mar. 11 NSC2 RB   Mar. 12 NSC bye         
        Mar. 10 BR bye   Mar. 11 NPT bye   Mar. 12  CC  bye         
A+ League Standings   B League Standings   C League Standings   D League Standings   Women's League Standings
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